Investment advisor for technology projects

Supporting private investors by scouting and selecting investment opportunities in innovative products, advising on R&D financing and and helping develop and manage sustainable and scalable businesses.

Projects I have worked on include capital raising, investment advisory and company management

In the past few years I have helped entrepreneurs and investers build innovative and sustainable businesses by identifying financial resources, by scouting investment opportunities and by managing portfolio companies. I strongly believe in constant education and in transitioning to a digital, sustainable, and lean way of working.

Sustainable hospitality investment advisory

Assisted Smartbox in scouting and acquiring nature-immersed projects to offer their customers more sustainable hospitality.

Sustainable real estate investment advisory

Assisted family office De Picciotto in scouting for new projects to increase toursim and hospitality business in Southern Italy.

Portfolio company management and M&A

Assisted family office IPE Holding in developing digital business for subsidiary Cotolicious, food processing and devlivery company.

Capital raising for Private Equity fund

Worked with Idea Capital to develop international investor network and pitch new fund to large family offices and funds of funds.

Capital raising for PE family office

Supported private equity manager EQValue in acquiring investors to make minority investments in SMEs with ticket size of about €1.5 mln.

Product management

Supported Simmetrico, media company, in developing new product witihn the exhibitions industry and negotiate with investors-distributors to acquire the rights.

Comapnies I worked for as employee

Raise capital and build a new product

Create a new business within your company and start the transition to a digital, sustainable and community based world.